Experience the challenge of a rock climbing wall

Be sure to bring the whole family to the BDN Maine Outdoors Expo to experience the 25 foot, 4-sided rock wall. The wall challenges climbers to put on the harness and climb there way to the top! The wall has many realistic features to give climbers a real idea of what rock climbing offers! The 25 foot wall offers a great view of the event and will give every climber a sense of satisfaction knowing they challenged the rock wall and won!


The climbing wall has ‘holds’ bolted on to provide grips for hands and feet, as well as realistic rock features that are built into the walls. The walls have four exciting and challenging climbing routes of varying difficulty levels designed to provide climbers of all skill and age levels with the ability to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

The wall is a free activity available at the BDN Maine Outdoors Expo located at the Portland Expo. Show hours are Saturday May 4th 10-6pm and Sunday May 5th 10-4pm. See you there!



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